Day One…

In Assignment on January 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

Day one of the assignment and we all set up our wordpress blogs to keep track of the development and progress of the assignment.

Our assignment is the following:

Following assignment 1, this assessment will expand on your knowledge and understanding of web techniques, primarily with regard to the creation of dynamic web content.  Possibilities for dynamic content include: php includes/template system, a news section, RSS feeds/Podcasts, use of a CMS [ExpressionEngine] including options for client update, use of a blogging application such as WordPress, a dynamic gallery of images, form validation, XML and other .php/.shtml techniques.

Through the production of a new website or the development of your existing site from assignment 1, research and experiment with creating dynamic web content. Your final website should consist of approximately 6 – 10 pages and employ at least 3 examples of dynamic content.

Paramount to the assessment will be your ability to demonstrate effective integration of dynamic web techniques into an aesthetically pleasing site design.  Research and development should take the form of a blog which should be posted to throughout the assignment.


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