OK… so I’m not so great at keeping a development blog!

In Assignment, Design on April 8, 2010 at 8:55 am

Right, speedy catchup with where I am at with this project… I have had the functionality between Flash and Expression Engine for sometime. I have been procrastinating about how the final thing should look.
My initial thoughts were to go for a grungy type of look:

At the same time that I became doubtful of the grungy look, I was also struggling to find an overall context for the site. I had visions of aggregating RSS feeds from music sites to add content to the site, since it is so easy to do such a thing in Expression Engine.

However, I was drawn back to my intial desire which was to have a modern looking online portal for playing my music, so I eventually decided to keep it simple. I was still doubtful of the grunge look, so I looked for inspiration in old blues album covers (courtesy of google images!). The one that struck my attention was this one:

Image courtesy of

I liked the simplicity of this design and it harked back to my LP listening days which has been a big influence on the music that I have been part of over the years. So I set about working up a design based upon it. My first attempts to mock this look up resulted in:

This was ok but there something missing! And then it dawned on me that what I needed was a proper backdrop. So I had the idea of making the site appear to be like an old album, on top of a pile of other albums, on a table. Which is what I have be mostly working on, this week!!

Also, this week I have been keen to get the site functioning on my hosting server, rather than on my external hard drive. So I have installed Expression Engine and continued my development from there. As it stands, it now looks like this:

The image above is a screenshot from the homepage using Firefox in fullscreen mode. As you can see the backdrop only really comes into play if the site is viewed using a wide screen monitor. I will be tweaking it, as there are still a few items that I want to add to the table, but for now, that is where I am upto with this project.


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