Flash Album Payer

In Assignment, Design on April 25, 2010 at 9:20 am

This week I have been working on the Flash album player file; adding loading and progress bars, plus a volume control; and generally trying to make it look nice!

So this is what it looks like now…

In the example above you can see in the status bar that the player is retrieving the audio files from an external source as this album is hosted through the net label has over 70 albums available to download and stream and it is possible to add this content to the site by adapting the various files already in place, which suggests that there is a possibility to develop a framework for delivering online media through your own bespoke portal. The RSS functionality within Expression Engine provides access to even more external content.

Anyway, back to the album player -I added the loading and progress bars which I re-purposed from the inline player. The script for these is quite straightforward as it uses the getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal() functions of the sound object in Flash to measure a percentage.

The volume slider is a component I downloaded from and was easily able to skin it and apply a listener object to register a change in the slider’s position and perform a transformation on the sound object’s volume, based upon it.

Below, is what the whole page looks like in fullscreen mode with the album player popup in place.


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